Full-Cycle Software Development

We assist you through the full product development cycle to build professional software solutions that position your business for the future. We are a software development company internationally providing a one-stop service – from professional advisory, strategy and planning through design, implementation and quality assurance to operation and maintenance.

Below are the steps of Full-Cycle Software Development.

Requirement Specification
Our team gathers information about your vision, desired application, and features. It continues with analyses of your business needs and industry-related specific.

Project Evaluation
We keep you updated on the development, collaboration, and communication processes. We allocate the necessary resources, make risk assessments, set project estimations, and assign the required professionals. Understanding all the parts of a project, its scope, and how it will be done helps to make sure it is finished on time and within the budget.

Wireframing and Prototyping
We create a clickable prototype quickly based on the customer’s vision. It reflects the future application, showing the interaction between the screens and how features work. A clickable prototype can be used to collect valuable user feedback. For a product to be successful, adjustments based on user feedback are necessary for the development of new and distinctive user-centric features.

UI/UX Design
RESPONSE UI/UX designers analyse competitors’ products, study potential customers, and produce multiple interface sketches. By testing various ideas, we refine our vision until it reaches its final form. We are enthusiastic about current design trends and making your application elegant and user-friendly.

Architecture Design
We ensure seamless data flow and make the application extensible to support both immediate and long-term business goals. At the core of the architecture, we put capacity to manage performance, reliability, scalability, and usability at any stage of the product lifecycle without the creation of technology debts. 

Following best practises, we customise our application development process to meet your specific needs and deliver first-rate, stable software. We schedule consistent, brief product delivery cycles with clearly defined acceptance criteria. We decide the order of development by putting the most important and difficult features at the top of the list.

Testing and QA
We design and implement the optimal testing strategy and provide full-featured testing services to validate the product’s readiness for mass distribution.Product testing encompasses all possible user scenarios, which are manually and automatically tested. When the application is delivered, following your final approval, we provide a comprehensive report.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is an integral part of any software development project. The objective is to ensure that the software can perform real-world tasks. Users are given access to the solution in a simulated version of the real-world environment so they can make sure the software works as planned and find any bugs before signing off.

Business agility necessitates more frequent product releases and a substantial decrease in their release intervals. The system may be deployed into a test environment for user feedback collection or released into a production environment. This stage is aimed at preparing the application for assembly and releasing it to the production environment.

Maintenance and Ongoing Enhancements
We provide support and maintenance services through efficient management and expertise. Continuous improvement of the product aligns features with end users’ requirements and reduces time to market for new functionalities. Maintenance includes troubleshooting and error tracking, bug fixing, performance monitoring and testing, backups, and regular ongoing product updates.