IT Professionals We Provide
Professionals we provide


We provide dedicated teams or individual professionals through staff augmentation. We have developers, architects, QA engineers, testers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, admins, project managers, business analysts with different seniority levels depending on actual requirements.

Below are the main types of professionals we provide.

Project Managers / Scrum Masters
A project manager is a professional who organizes, plans, and executes projects while working within restraints like budgets and schedules. A Scrum Master is a professional who leads a team using Agile project management throughout the course of a project.

Business Analysts
A business analyst analyses the business domain, documents its processes and systems, outlines business requirements, and matches a software business model with the software being built.

Software Architects
A software architect makes high-level design choices and frames technical standards.

Software Developers
Software developers design, program, build, deploy, and maintain software using many different skills and tools.

Front-End Developers
They are responsible for developing the “visible” part of the project (User Interface).

Professionals we provide‚Äč

Back-End Developers
Back-end developers are the experts who build and maintain the mechanisms that process data and perform actions.

Full-Stack Developers
Full-stack developers are professionals who can develop client and server software (the front-end and back-end).

UI/UX Designers
They are responsible for ensuring that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging. UI/UX designers create the user interface based on user research insights.

Software Testers
A software tester is an individual that tests software for bugs, errors, defects, or any other problem that can affect the performance of computer software or an application.

QA Engineers
QA Engineers (Quality Assurance Engineers) are responsible for the quality of the entire development lifecycle.

DevOps Engineers
Professionals who collaborate with the team’s developers to better coordinate the development, operations, and testing processes. DevOps engineers create, test, and maintain the infrastructure and tools necessary for rapid product development and release.

IT Administrators
An IT Administrator, otherwise known as a System Administrator, is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of client computer systems, servers, and data security systems.