Technology Expertise

We have experience with a variety
of platforms, technologies, frameworks, programming languages, components, solutions, and products. Our IT professionals are proficient in front-end, back-end, Web, desktop solutions and systems, mobile, clouds, BI, SaaS, databases, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other technologies. A summary listed below.

Areas of Technology Expertise:

  • Application Software Development
    • (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix…)
  • Web Development
    • (Web Front-End, Web Back-End)
  • Mobile Apps Development
    • (iOS, Android, cross-platform…)
  • Cloud Application Development
    • (Google, Azure, AWS, DevOps…)
  • Front-End Development
    • (Angular, React, Node, HTML, CSS, JavaScript…)
  • Back-End Development
    • (Java, .Net, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, C++…)
  • Database Development
    • (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB…)

Areas of Technology Expertise (more):

  • Software Systems Integration
  • Legacy Software Modernization
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Business Intelligence (BI Solutions)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Development
  • SaaS Development
    • (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics)


Please contact us to verify specific technologies.